Problem  Fence gates are installed straight and square, but with time, use and gravity, they start to sag, making them difficult to open and close because of the interference between the Latch Post and the Gate Frame. The force of gravity on the gate, hanging on the hinges,  also pulls on the hinge post and the attached fence rails, pulling them out of alignment and aggravating the sagging gate.

Solution: Gate Glide

Gate Glide stops the sagging force of gravity on the closed gate, by transferring it to the latch post.

Gate Glide holds the closed gate in straight, aligned position.

Installs on either left or right hand swing gates.  Installs on either Thin or Thick frame gates.

 The Gate Glide Kit Details:

- Two curved Gate Glide surfaces engage, lift and align gate as it is closed, and keep it in alignment.

- Low friction material permits easy sliding of Gate Glides when opening or closing gate.

- Manufactured with material which is durable, low friction, no rust, high impact, and weatherproof.

- Neutral color, to blend with wood fence material.
Kit includes: 1- Bull Nose Gate Glide,

1- Flat Gate Glide,

2- Shims (1/8” and 1/4”),

2- Installation aids:   Gap Sizing Gauge and Gap Adjuster Wedge.

6- Screws, stainless steel, #8 x 1 ½”
Opens smoothly, easy to close, no binding, no sag.